JMonkeyEngine installer doesn't work for me

Please, show the SDK installer log. This is in [patch]C:UsersGlauco.jmonkeyplatform-installerlog[/patch]

There’s no installer log.

Ok. Then after that give full admin privilegies to the installer via properties

>and Give full permissions to your user. If it doesn't work try disable the parents' control (I don't know if this is the name in english xD) in control painel.

Parent control is disabled, I don’t even know of such option, because I live alone and have my own pc. And UAC is disabled too so my user has full permissions.

I am losing hope. There must be some weird specific 1 in a 1000000 problem and there’s no way to solve it, because everything else works fine for me. Had no installation problems with any other software.

So after a lot of fiddling around with no results it just accidentaly installed without even showing installer window, throwing errors or anything like that. It’s as if it defaults to silent install for some reason.

And JMonkeyEngine SDK is working fine. Yay!

Or not. jmonkeyplatform.exe process is running and I saw splash image, but there’s no IDE window. What the hell is going on…

See the jmonkeyplataform log please.

I can see the window now, but I got opengl nullpointerexception error and there’s no scene visible. Updating now. Maybe it’ll work fine after that.

If not, update your graphic card drivers. Does it support opengl2? If not, you can use the opengl1 version as well.

Ok. Everything seems fine now. Finally. Thanks for great support! :wink:

EDIT: Btw, I didn’t need to update drivers. It works fine after update.

iam having the same problem here my installer is showing configuring installer after that nothing
i delete .jmonkeyplatform its still the same problem

It’s better to create a new post and then reference this thread instead of reviving a dead one.

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