JMonkeyEngine Java Applet

Guys what I wanna develop is a game can be played on a website. I have looked for tutorials on the deployment section. What I have found is just webstart deployment. It creates a new frame and runs the game outside of the webpage but I want something working on a webpage. However I could not find a tutorial for applets, why?

Applets is just a check box in the SDK and then put the files on your web server as per any other applet.

However a LOT of browsers are disabling java due to security problems so you may need to rethink.

Yeah I have seen that and extracted its distro files under the folder Applet in dist but I have no idea what is going on because I dont extend Applet in any classes and I run the application by calling start() method from another class. I actually dont know how this thing works. And there is no example for this :S

So the applet doesn’t work?


Is there a way to find out what is the problem when I run an applet?

Turn on the java console and see if there are any errors?