jMonkeyengine linked to Servlet

Can I use this engine to make 3d animation on web page ??

We have a video recording system that writes into an AVI/MJPEG file, you can change it so the stream is available on the web. So yes.

Is there a possibility of it being pre-recorded, or does it have to be played in real time? Maybe I misunderstood what you meant by “animation”…

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actually I would like to build web site application where you can rotate and scale 3d object for instance building.

One of the distribution options is applet. So yes.

The people using the applet would need to have java and a suitable graphics card but other than that it’s reasonably painless based on a few quick tests I did.

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@zarch, you kinda answered his question and kinda didn’t if you look at the original topic title. The reason I say this is because I also was curious how/if jMonkeyEngine could be used with servlets/JSP/JSF or anything servlet based on the server side. I’m aware that it works with applets, but even though they can be run from inside a browser, I wouldn’t call that ‘web programming’ in the traditional sense. I was wondering if anyone had used jMonkeyEngine on the server side with servlets and then sent the framebuffer back to the client-side to some video or canvas tag to be manipulated by javascript, which in turn could send input events back to the server side to be processed by jMonkeyEngine. This would be really helpful to me as any applet my organization runs inside a browser based application has to be code signed and there’s a whole ungodly long legal process that requires that takes months to complete which can be completely sidestepped if I use a servlet based app instead of an applet based one. With that in mind, do you or anyone else know of any examples where someone else has done something like this already with just the jMonkeyEngine SDK, or would I have to modify and/or extend the source to achieve this functionality?

There has been some http steaming plugin for jme3 somewhere on the forum yeah, basically it was doing what the VideoRecorderAppState is doing and then piping that into the http server… The input sources are also not too hard to create, so piping some javascript into the input system should also not be much of an issue really. You wouldn’t really have to write a new input source really, just doing whatever is needed to do on input should already work fine (e.g. moving the cam etc.), just make sure you enqueue it to the main update loop.

Thanks normen :slight_smile:

And be aware streaming video across the network isn’t going to make for super-fast response times :slight_smile:

I guess thats obvious and the “remote game” idea has a few other issues… But for some things I think it really can be a good solution… Would like to hear some reports on how it went for you if you come to implement it like this @rooster.

Well for exmaple for scene config webapplication that gives you a rendering based preview, this could be used quite good. (Also you dont need anything exepct a browser on the clientside then)

I think the OP is looking for a client side solution such as applet. You can deploy to applet by using the project options screen in the sdk