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We have a new website. This doesn’t come to you as a surprise if you have been following this thread where for ~1 week a preview of the website has been exposed to the feedbacks of the community.

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Looks great! Thanks @RiccardoBlb!

The new website looks great! Much better than my original. Im not a huge fan of dark themes for informational pages but it’s definitely more engaging than what was there before. Kudos to you.

The only issue I have, which is probably an overstatement - it’s perfectly acceptable at the low rate that’s implemented - is the API calls on my behalf. Those can be stored and read server-side instead. Slightly more involved but a lot friendlier in terms of website behaviour.

It’s definitely a step forward. I’m glad you kept with the contribution-friendly Hugo site generator, and I look forward to seeing more innovation.

Great work :slight_smile:


The “Blog” links in the sidebar and top navbar (“Home | Forum | Blog | …”) seem to be broken.

In my browser, they link to which displays an error page saying “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it.”

Looks like the server is sending this page with MIME type text/xml instead of application/rss+xml, which would be correct for RSS feeds.

Note that this seems to be different content from Intentional?

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There isn’t a blog section anymore, all the articles tagged with #blog are considered blog posts, so the current link for blog is actually .
I added a redirect for /blog and all the unresolved sections from /xxxx to /tags/xxxx, so it should be fixed now.


The added redirects seem to have resolved my issue. Thanks, @RiccardoBlb!