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I am currently studying a Bachelor of Computer Science at Monash University with a focus in Games Development.
For one of my units (Games Engine Programming) I am doing a presentation on the jMonkeyEngine. As part of this I have been reaching out to developers from the showcase asking about their experience with the engine. One of them suggested I ask here to get more varied opinions.

So if you are happy to spare a minute or two to mention your own experiences using jMonkeyEngine I would really appreciate it.


Hm in short:

โ†’ Since you have the source you can do everything
โ†’ Not meant to be a ready to use monolithic GameEngine, but instead being modular blocks you can use if you want.
โ†’ -> Opposite would be Source Engine for example, as you are already limited to classical levels ect.
โ†’ Enables you to build your own framework in the style you need. (Actor Pattern, Entity Component System, Classical OOP)
โ†’ Code first approach. Extremly powerfull for developers.


All i can say is that the engine and his community are one of last bulwarks of game programming.Market is occupated by engines that try to reduce programming in boon of graphical editors and simplifications.This causes a massive release of unperformable and platform-oriented games.
With jMonkey you can write code with your hands or use editors if feel more confortable with;having the source is a garancy as youโ€™re free to patch it and release improvements;all assets and plugins are free as the engine so you can try to develop a game with nearly no budget.

Weโ€™re free as in freedom.


Complementing what has already been said: a superb quality and totally free OpenGL-based game engine, with one of the greatest and most welcoming community out there. The engine is very well-built on its own, but it also comes with an ever-improving toolset. While it gives great power, it never gets in your way and lets you do things the way you want. The concepts and architecture are very clear and transparent.I have a very positive and fruitful experience of using it with Scala and Clojure, in the name of functional programming and such. Oh, and did I mention the community is super-friendly?


(please keep it coming, this is like banana-heroin)


Thankyou for the responses, Iโ€™ve been impressed by what Iโ€™ve seen of the engine and the community :smiley:


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