JMonkeyEngine programmer wanted

Hi here,

I want a JMoneyEngine programmer.
Ideally you understand the JMonkeyEngine API etc.


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Well… maybe you could elaborate, and explain the job a little bit?
Maybe also brush up how much you intent to pay the said programmer.

I am looking for a JMonkeyEngine game engine programmer. Would prefer a Scala programmer to a Java programmer.

Hah, well that explains everything anyone would need to know.

Hello nehon is that really is your name,

You are welcome to click on the job description link, if your a JMonkeyEngine developer who wants money and is willing to trade their time for money as all work is a trade like that, then you can apply. :smile:

The nature of the work varys but depends on knowing JMonkeyEngine. I employ 10 Java developers on at this moment, you can see that on the upwork job ad.

Regards, Philip

I did actually, maybe I missed something, but here is what I can read on upwork :
“I am looking for a JMonkeyEngine game engine programmer. Would prefer a Scala programmer to a Java programmer.”
This hardly describes the Job.

I’m not interested in another Job, I already got one, and work on JME in my spare time. My point was more: If you want to attract devs from this forum with a job offer, you may want to talk a bit much about the job itself, and maybe also about the money…

Thanks, I understand your point, for me that’s good enough. If someone wants to investigate they can ask me in an interview on upwork.

If so then you’ll have to spare all your project budget with nehon :laughing: (joking) because here’s one of the Core Developers, so who knows more about something if not who made it?

Anyway, glad to see jME3 as a professional job. If I hadn’t my own also, I would like to apply.

Best of luck!

Heh, so your filter for employing people is: get the ones who don’t really care about the job and will just apply to any ad?
Good luck! :smile:

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…im using JME professionally , but as others mentioned, i see no real point to apply for this as i have no clue whats all about, in fact , not a slightest clue. I will just repeat what others said already…maybe you should explain some details about project and what kind of money we talking about. Personally, just to be on safe side, ill go with Core Developers, but i heavily doubt things will move if you dont describe whats all about.

Then don’t apply if you don’t want to apply. Do I have free choice in what I can say or write or must I do what you say?

…by all means, you are a free man to decide whatever you want…i was barely giving suggestions, which you are free to completely ignore as you will…nothing wrong with that…

It might be that there is a (reasonable) fear from copycats stealing ideas.
There must be a way to sign some NDA somehow (which would give a slight protection).
Is this difficult to make? (I guess so - at least if you want to employ worldwide).
Or maybe the job platform has a mechanism to exclude people who broke an NDA before.

Well if he doesn’t find a dev, he did find the fastest way to irritate the best JMonkeyDevelopers out there in record time.

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LOL. Actually, I thought the responses from the community were being really constructive and just trying to offer advice.

…the way it was received is pretty telling, though.

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Hi there!

Ok lots of talk about my not receiving suggestions well, I said “Thanks, I understand your point, for me that’s good enough. If someone wants to investigate they can ask me in an interview on upwork.”. I thought that would be good enough to end the chatting about this because that’s exactly what I’m after, I want a professional programmer who knows JMoneyEngine and wants money in exchange for their time to do tasks.
They get paid hourly, the rest of the details in the link answers all of “Maybe also brush up how much you intent to pay the said programmer.”.

I don’t want to hire developers for the fun of the job, I want to hire developers to complete tasks, so that answers “My point was more: If you want to attract devs from this forum with a job offer, you may want to talk a bit much about the job itself”. The money issue is answered from the link.

To satisfy your curiosity why I don’t want to explain the job nature, I don’t want to explain what its about for two main reasons and a few others, 1) I don’t have enough time, I manage over 10 programmers online and 5 offline 2) Its a commercial secret and I am not allowed according to my business contract.

I had hoped that someone coming along to the JMonkeyEngine community with money to spend would be welcomed with open arms, its not so easy to get money, people work for it and in MANY places of the world people die for lack of it. While maybe your sitting in your pijamas in your bedroom at night looking at this fantasy world which really isn’t real debating whether I did the right or wrong thing in not explaining the job nature.

I welcome any professional programmer who wants to do tasks using JMoneyEngine where each task I write is clearly defined.

If someone is annoyed, I challenge them to get annoyed about something meaningful in the real world, not the pixels you see flickering on this display. If your not happy with the above, ok, you win I loose, if it makes you happy.


Actually, it does not. All the ad states is that you intend to pay hourly, with no info about what rates you may be willing to consider.

I get that you can’t say "We’re doing a viking age turn based strategy with reflex mini games to resolve combat ” or whatever, but are you looking for:

  • server-client networking?
  • game logic, player-NPC interaction, etc.?
  • customized rendering pipeline?
  • optimized loading/paginating/LOD of large gameworlds?

These are all very distinct skills, and if you contract prevents you from specifying at this level, the company you are fronting for has issues…

Even the Java/Scala thing is rather vague:

  • deliverable must be in Scala, but figure a Java programmer with API knowledge should be able to learn what is needed on the job?
  • deliverable can be either, as long as it is compatible with whatever API endpoints are in other parts of the project, but you believe that Scala is a better fit for the project at hand?

All this info goes a long way toward determining whether a job opportunity is even worth creating an account on a job website, and then scheduling a time for an interview.


You win, I loose.

Mhh…well I guess things went a bit out of hand.
@philip_andrew, I’m sorry you got annoyed by all this, but to place things in context, we already had plenty of job offers on this forum that were completely ridiculous… going from the 12 years old who wants to make an MMO and is ready to give his savings for a skilled dev, to the inexperienced hobbyist that has no clue about the dev market rate and offering ridiculously low payement.
So people around here tend to be a bit picky with this kind of offer. And the lack of description of the job in your ad, really doesn’t help.

Also people are not just attracted by money, they want to be interested, involved in a project, and not just “get paid for doing tasks”. More over, they want a rock solid project, not just a vague idea that will never see the light.
IMO, if you want skilled developers, you’ll have to cope with it…

I’m sorry if you feel that you wasted your time here.

I wish you best of luck with your project.


If you want constructive feedback @philip_andrew, I’ll just say I have had very good success hiring JME devs on these forums simply by respecting their time and being open with the expectations. Many developers here do this for fun, they make enough money and it’s hard to get them on board to work on your project. But it can be done if you listen to feedback, and tell people as much as you’re legally allowed to tell.

Simply stating you “don’t have the time” shows that you don’t care about the developers time, and does not give much enthusiasm towards the future working conditions.


Your just repeating other people’s points as if I didn’t read them, of course I know all of that. This is not the only game engine in the world, I’ve moved on. Thanks, bye, you should move on too.