jMonkeyEngine SDK 3.0 not working on wIndows XP 32 bits


I am totally new to jMonkeySDK 3.0.

I have installed it with following system configurations:

OS: Windows XP SP3

Mode: 32 bits

Graphics Driver: mobile intel 965 express chipset family which supports openGL 2.0

I installed successfully on windows XP.

When I start , it shows dialogue upto " Starting modules…"

and dialogue disappears from screen as well as jmonkey process from task manager.

Any idea what is causing this issue ??

Hi, i’m not sure, check out the troubleshooting guide, it may be able to help:

Also see if there’s anything in the log file


I reinstalled jmonkey.

It works fine upto Starting Modules and asks for project folder when I select any folder

then it stops working and log generated probably jdk native error code.

I tried all links on this page

probably saying Graphics card error or update driver.

My processor having support for OpenGL 2.0.

And there are no updates available from Computer Mfg as well as Intel.

So what should I do now ??

Any hints ??


I have not found any solution to run.

Here is my debug log

Please help me as I am unable to do start my Game programming !

Seeking for guidance !!

I don’t think the intel 965 properly supports OpenGL 2.0

Please read the guide that wezrule linked.