Jmonkeyengine SDK 3.5 Is Super

Recently released Jmonkeyengine sdk 3.5 is very promising. It is very smooth and works great like never before. Thanks to everyone who contributed for this great sdk and engine. I think Netbeans is best ide for sdk.
You guys are doing great work! Keep it up !

I will try to contribute if possible but I am very busy with my job. I use it as my hobby. So, I just try to load models, edit terrains and run tests. But planning to create a game using it.

SDK is best when people like me who don’t know very much how to build from source and only know drag and drop like Unity or Godot, it helps those new comers ! So, I will try to learn more about programming as I know much of but not so much. I am still learning java and 3d game development. Sorry for my bad English!


SDK is good. there is however a small problem. when you know how to make a game but don’t know why. maybe it is already philosofic code. may exuse my weak English too.

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I didn’t got your point.

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