jMonkeyEngine SDK: Application Deployment

I’m new to JME3 and not sure this post warrants posting on the forum given that it is quite likely a misunderstanding on my behalf.

On the page:

jMonkeyEngine SDK: Application Deployment :: jMonkeyEngine Docs

Under the heading, Web Start (JNLP), there are a couple of instructions that I thought might be included to help others that follow.

Firstly, it seems that jnlp wont launch unless the server on which it is to be deployed knows what mime type it’s dealing with. Developers hoping to deploy should check that the mime type is listed with the server and the extension is .jnlp

Second, in the YouTube link, the instructor specifies the Codebase as User Defined and the path that the contents of the dist directory will be found in Codebase Preview before the build.

Also, I can not get applets to run on any other server than my local. I suspect I’ve not optimised the build (it’s the last thing I can think of), but if you’ve any other suggestions, I’d love to know.

Finally, congratulations on what is an amazing project. I hope I can learn enough to help and contribute someday.

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