jMonkeyEngine SDK on ubuntu 32 git


how can run jMonkeyEngine SDK into ubuntu 13.04 32 bit. I try it but i isn’t start. I got this message:

Configuring the installer…
Searching for JVM on the system…
Preparing bundled JVM … Zeile 1618: /tmp/.nbi-4102651.tmp/jdk-linux-x64.bin: Kann die Datei nicht ausführen.
Cannot extract bundled JVM

I now, i cannot run a 64 bit program on a 32 bit computer but how can i resolve this problem

Actually as far as I see there is not 32 bit version currently. I’m not sure why tho. You may try to extract it manually.

thank for the response. Do you know, how can i do that. I try first to install jdk 64 bit, but i can run a 64 bit jdk on a 32 bit computer.

Its just not in the main overview, theres a hint though.

Click the Engine link to get to the full list, from there you can reach

Oh haha, but thats really unintuitive ^^

Yeah, I don’t see any option to increase the number of entries in that preview box. 94 people still found it though :smiley:

4 more people downloaded it, now its 98. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, who hardcoded “4” downloads displayed per category? Is that a limitation in the theme?