jMonkeyEngine VS Code Template

I made a simple gradle template for a generic jMonkeyEngine project in VS Code.

For now it is just a minimal BasicGame project ported to gradle. You can open it in VS Code and run it “./gradlew run”.


But could you also add instructions(Video maybe?) about how to open and run the Gradle project in VS Code? (I might send a pull request if you don’t have time)


Why didn’t you base it on the existing gradle template that already handles the asset directory, etc…

Also, why import maven central and instead of just jcenter?

Edit: also, you probably didn’t mean to check in the .so files.

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Well I just didn’t know about that template :slight_smile: ahaha

I’ll make fixes to the template as soon as possible, thanks for the tips.

@iamcreasy As far as i know there’s no “immediate” of running a gradle project on VS code other than the command line. If you want to add instructions and make a PR i’ll appreciate that, thanks.

Note: you don’t have to include the createDirectories part. I was trying to make a project that was easy to “checkout and go”… but in some sense the directory structure of the assets directory is getting a bit stale.

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I’m a bit sceptic about the “assets” directory usage. What’s the point of adding another folder if the one named “resources” is standard for maven/gradle?

In general, “resources” are rather a different concept than game assets.


“Ok, we fixed the bug and now you need to download the whole 60 meg jar file because we distributed the 58 megabytes of textures right with our code…”

60 meg? Maybe if it’s the single level demo version and you’re really, really lucky. :laughing:

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Mmmh You’re right. Unfortunately Android works exactly like this so i didn’t get the difference yet :smile:

I made some updates to the template, like adding a separate assets folder, defining some common gradle tasks, switching to GPLv3 license and adding a readme file.