JMonkeyEngine website text bugged

Hey guys, ever since I came on the new website I’ve noticed (at least on Chrome) that the onhover text is blurry and almost unreadable:

This appllies for all 4 buttons. Might be something to look into. :slight_smile:

It looks ok on Firefox 50.0.2,what Chrome version are you using?

Vivaldi the same.
Client: Chrome/54.0.2840.100 Safari/537.36 Vivaldi/1.5.658.56

Version 54.0.2840.99 m

Just updated to 55.0.2883.75 m, could say it’s a tad worse now. The text sometimes disappears and the box becomes a strange opaque gray.

Seems to work fine on Edge strangely enough. But I’d like to see this solved on Chrome too since it’s what a lot of people mainly use.

There’s a simple solution,use Firefox (Kappa).

From a development point of view it’s nice to solve all issues across all platforms, at least the most popular ones. I don’t even visit that front page anymore since I’ve bookmarked all important subpages.

seems the lastest chrome doesn’t like the will-change: transform css attribute

Though I’d hope this would be fixed in a later version…
can be fixed by adding

.mdl-tooltip {

in our css… I’ll do it when I have time, but if one of you is hot for a PR, I’d be grateful.

I’d love to, is there a github with all your .css or will I have to find it through source code? Also just to be clear, what does PR stand for? I’ve only heard it on this forum so I’ve always assumed it meant “Public Relations” but I could be completely off.

Good info on what the dev world generally means by PR:

yep source code is there

And yes PR means Pull Request, basically a patch submitted to be reviewed and integrated by the core team.

Done but I hope it’s in the correct place.

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Thanks you kind sir, should be online in a couple of minutes.

I’m very happy to help this great community in any way :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for pointing this out, I noticed it but thought it wasn’t happening anywhere else, so it was just my problem.

No problem :smiley: