Jmonkeyplatform and controls

I have a couple of questions about the JMonkeyPlatform and physics controls. I think I have missed something obvious so apologies if that is the case…

  1. If I make a model and make it a character what collision shape does it get and where can I define this?

  2. I have my own physics control (actually an extension of character control). Is there a way I can add this to the model via JMonkeyPlatform.


  1. It gets a capsule collision shape with 1.8m height and 0.5m radius, you cant configure that (yet)
  2. Yes, easily: The SceneExplorer :: jMonkeyEngine Docs
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Ahh just the link I was looking for, thank you very much.

I extended it a bit and added a hint that you need a jar with your classes in the classpath of your plugin to make it work.