jMonkeyPlatform flashing in Mac OS/X


First of all, thank everyone for their great efforts in creating such a project!

I wanted to give it a try, and works great, except for an annoying jMonkeyPlatform flashing. Everytime I change tabs or show a context menu, or play or stop my project, the whole NetBeans flashes (like all elements disappear for an instant, all is grey painted, and all returns again). It’s very strange, because I hace NetBeans 6.1, 6.9 and lastest nightly version installed in the same machine (for my work) and I don’t have any of this annoying flashes.

Have anyone experienced this before? I’m trying to use it on a MacBook Pro, Snow Leopard 10.6.3.

Thanks in advance!

Yeah, its due to Apples special implementation of AWT and the fact that the OpenGL panel is a heavyweight AWT component. Guess that will be different when Oracle supplies the Java runtime for OSX in the future (OSX Lion).



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Wow, that was fast!!

Thanks a lot for your response. That’s a shame, because it’s very annoying. Maybe it can be diminished when the focused tab is not the OpenGL one (like when you’re currently coding)?. Or maybe I can remove the Scene viewer, if that’s possible?

Thanks again, normen :slight_smile:

Closing the SceneViewer implies stopping the OpenGL thread which is used to perform some operations in jMP atm… Until this is handled properly you cannot close the SceneViewer in jMP.

Ahh… I see. Well, I’ll have to cope with that dreadful flashing, then. Thanks a lot again!

I dont find it that disturbing really, I also use OSX.

Really? I do a lot of Cmd tabbing, and having that flashing really annoys me :P. Maybe it’s just getting used to it :stuck_out_tongue: