JMonkeyPlatform Installation Error MacBook Pro


i’ve downloaded JMonkeyPlatform (jME3_SDK_Alpha-3-macosx.tgz) and extracted jMonkeyPlatform

I double click the installer and after a couple of button clicks hit INSTALL…

Installation Failed

jMonkeyPlatform has not been installed on your computer

It mentions a logfile but the file is not to be seen

/Users/cam/.jmonkeyplatform-installer/log/20110219061815.log is missing :frowning:

Am I missing something important?



10.5? Then use this workaround.

Hi Normen,

(oh yes OSX 10.5.8)

a very interesting proposed solution which requires me to have an iron bound liver for the excess coffee consumption I anticipate drinking shortly.

1.5 is an alias for which i have insufficient access privileges

It aliases to 1.5.0 which simply refuses to be allowed to be renamed (lol)

ok so now i must master unix…

Here’s what I did:

Open Terminal - bash

cd /System/Library/Frameworks//JavaVM.framework/Versions/

sudo mv 1.5 1.5backup

sudo mv 1.5.0 1.5.0backup

(then I ran installer no problem and reversed the renaming)

sudo mv 1.5backup 1.5

sudo mv 1.5.0backup 1.5.0

Thanks Heaps!