jMonkeyPlatform learns to undo

Hey monkeys,

I started to add undo/redo support to jMP, almost all of the properties in the SceneExplorer and most things you can do in SceneComposer should now be undo/redo enabled, please test the system and report back here. All plugin developers can check out how to add undo/redo to their plugins in the wiki, its really easy, let me tell you that much :wink:

Known Issues:

The undo/redo buttons are not enabled when the Properties window is active, only when SceneComposer, SceneExplorer or SceneViewer are.

Soon the terrain editor will be able to undo itself too!

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Any news about undoing on the terrain editor ?

danath said:
Any news about undoing on the terrain editor ?

Brent is back from vacation in about a week, so I suppose we'll hear back from him then.

/cheers brent :smiley: /dance with brent /poke to brent /joy