jMonkeyPlatform Material / j3m editor alpha


I did the first alpha of a j3m / material editor for jMP: Screen Shot

It allows editing the j3m source or just setting its parameters with some nice checkboxes, dropdowns etc. A little preview window shows the material applied to a sphere, updated when saving the file.


Right-click a folder in the project assets and select New->Other, the select “Jme Material File” and give it a name. After creating (there might be an exception that you can ignore) double-click the newly created j3m file.

Now the material editor should open and you can select a Material Definition for your material in the upper right. After saving the file with the newly selected Material Definition, the property widgets will update and you can see the properties available in the Material Definition.

Current issues:

  • When selecting a new j3md you will have to save the file to see the properties.
  • Changes made to the properties are visible immediately in the source, source changes only get visible in the properties after saving
  • If you have properties in you j3m file that are not available in the j3md file, saving again will delete those properties.
  • Malformed j3m / j3md files are not yet too well handled
  • Preview is not generated when loading the first time, click the preview image to reload
  • Preview sphere has no tangents atm. (lighting materials are not visible)

    To get it, simply update your jMP from the nightly center and if you haven't done yet, add the "Material Support" plugin via "Tools->Plugins->Available Plugins" (its in the jMonkeyPlatform category).



Made a small video to show a typical material applying workflow:

Great video for a useful feature! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late bump, but very very nice.  :)  Easy and saves me from having to learn to do normal mapping in Blender and then worrying about OgreExporting it correctly, importing, etc.