jMonkeyProject must be default workspace?

Is the creation of ~/jMonkeyProjects hardcoded somewhere?

Can’t I chose a different location for my projects without that directory being created each time I open jMonkeyPlatform?

no, at least on win XP!

file → new project

select BasicGame on projects


→ choose

project name

project location (browse)

yes but the default directory is created in any case, using jMP for linux…

more annoying than a real problem…

This is problematic for me, too. Also a Linux user.

Yeah, its hardcoded and always created :smiley: Maybe I will change that some time… For now we at least know where peoples projects are when they come here and complain they cant import a model :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s… really, really bad, actually. Linux home directories aren’t like My Documents on Windows where any application can just make whatever file or directory they want; users don’t put up with that in the Linux world. Most of us have specific directory structures catered to our own lives and computing activities. We don’t take kindly to applications thinking they can violate it, and when an application tries to do so, we simply don’t use it. Our intolerance to this behavior has ensured we can have nice, clean home dirs.

So if you want any Linux-based support for your admittedly snazzy-looking IDE, you’re going to have to fix this. I won’t use it otherwise, and other Linux users will very likely do the same. I’d rather futz around with getting jME set up with Eclipse, which I know will respect the Projects directory I already have set aside, than let jMonkeyPlatform violate my directory structure just because it sets up some things for me and has some nice tools.

Sorry if I’m coming off harsh, but them’s the breaks.

Did you ever look at your home directory? Its full of hidden .something files and folders from all kinds of software. So please…

Indeed it is, it’s full of dotfiles; in other words, hidden directories and files. JMP even makes its own hidden directory to manage its stuff. And that’s quite alright; I can’t see any of those files or directories when I open my file manager, unless I decide I want to see them. What’s not okay is making the decision for me of where I have to put all of my JME projects, and creating an unhidden directory to force your own decision upon me. That’s far from okay.

xD So if the folder was hidden it would be ok? Thats what I call a true 21st century citizen: “I dont care about what I don’t see” :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I am aware that creating a default project folder just like this is not really good manners but file access issues due to user rights problems and more shenanigans like these can be quite the PITA when a multi-platform software that is in alpha is supposed to be tested by many people. So making sure that the projects folder is created in a place that is a) available on all platforms and b) is always writable by the user inevitably leads you to the “home” directory.

So as I said the automatic folder creation will probably be removed from a release version but for now it will stay. You can save the projects where ever you like but the folder still will be created.

If the folder was hidden, I’d at least be able to do some symlink shenanigans and create a sub-dir within my real Projects directory.

All I need to be able to do is define the directory where all of my projects will be stored. Initial creation of JMonkeyProjects would be nothing more than a momentary annoyance if I could do that. I’d only have to delete it once and not have to worry about it ever again.

Sorry, but I’m afraid I won’t be using JMonkeyPlatform until this is corrected, or until I find a workaround. I’ll probably be prodding at the latter, because I really do want to use this. If I find a workaround, I’ll post it here.

Whats the problem? You can save the projects where ever you want. And you can also symlink non-hidden folders btw :roll:

But the JMonkeyProjects directory will always be created. It’s disruptive to the visible directory structure I have defined in my home directory, and I don’t want to put up with it.

And in response to your edit during my reply, yes, I know that. I’m not a Linux newbie.

xD Ok… How about you write a plugin that deletes the folder each time jMP starts, hm? You seem to have pretty high standards in terms of free alpha software so I guess you are used to adapting it to those standards. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and in case you plan to change this unbearable problem yourself using your own build, this is the file that creates the folder:

Or, rather than getting smart and snide with a potentially willing tester for your alpha software, try to be understanding toward this portion of your userbase’s standards. This isn’t something that other alpha software messes up. This is basic stuff.

Yes, sure. No software ever left something in your home directory. Especially not those widely spread open source game development IDE’s xD

I explained why the projects folder is created like it is and I also expressed my general position towards creating stuff in the users home directory. I really don’t get whats your point in further discussing this issue apart from making me being totally shocked that I create a folder in the users home directory which won’t happen… So if you cannot put up with the fact that this wont be changed tomorrow then I will have to live without you testing this app.

Your sarcasm is actually the truth. Software over here doesn’t create visible folders in ~, at least not without giving the user any input. That’s just how it is.

We are at an impasse. It seems this discussion is over.

So for everybody who had “creates folders in home directory” on his engine / SDK evaluation chart (which is a must over at @TiZ’s place) theres good news: The SDK now presents a Eclipse-style ninja-attack FileChooser on first start to create and/or select the default project folder.

TiZ, dont ask from others to do what you can do.


Then sumbit the patch.


i am sure you will have an alternative solution that will be both folder friendly and user friendly.

thank you,

edit: lol, didnt see he answered 1 month before

Don’t underestimate a German’s user-friendly grudge.