[JMP] Cannot find certain sources

I updated to Alpha-3 and deleted my old JmeTests project and created a new one. The problem I am experiencing is that it cannot find the [java]com.jme3.cinematic.



Looking inside the Library which is attached to this project, and then within jme3.jar, I have found this folder to not be existing either. I am just curious what would cause this and how I may fix it? Is there some further updating which I need to do?


Tools->Plugins->Settings, enable nightly update center, update.

I think I am doing everything right. From the image provided, I have the correct settings enabled, yes?
However, I don't know where this update command is. Thanks for the help by the way.

(Link is http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/7483/updatecenter.jpg - incase I cant get it working)

Look in the upper left corner of your image, it says “Updates(1)”. You can also check for updates via the Help Menu.


yeah that worked for the supplied problems.

Thanks again for the help!