Jmp compiled


im getting some warnings while compiling the newest version of jme from trunk.

the jmp gets compiled and i can use it but i cant open a model in the sceneviewer and i cant edit the materials files.

can somebody please upload a compiled version of jmp from trunk?

Just wondering, why not download the jMP alpha and update to nightly inside? Seems less of a hassle to me…

Yeah, what you ask is already there in form of the nightly update center (which is advertised in large letters in the jMP intro :roll:)

do u mean help-> check for updates?

i done this before but u dont get the font creator etc…

i think that not all new features will be present.

Press F1 and read the manual on updating to nightly, then you can also install all plugins that came after alpha-4

i found the plugins, shame on me.

wow, so much new tools :slight_smile: