jMP Contributions Update Center

Great work :slight_smile:

I now added a way to download external nbm files to add them to the contributions update center. If anyone wants to add a plugin but not necessarily set up the whole svn thing, you can now just upload your compiled nbm plugin file somewhere and it will be downloaded and added to the update center automatically each night.

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The build of plugins has been broken for a while now but its been revived now. As soon as we have the web site working again the updates for plugins should be rolling again. Theres a new version of the iOS plugin, the oculus rift plugin has been added and some plugins (tonegodgui?) have received updates as well.

Sorry to all developers who chipped in and supported this way of distributing jME extensions, I hope you will continue to push updates via this svn repo, it will continue to be the default way to publish plugins for 3.0 stable.

3.1 will probably get a new and slightly more convenient way to publish plugins, even jar libraries of people who don’t want to mess with making SDK plugins at all. Of course you will still be able to make NetBeans/SDK plugins that fully integrate with the SDK and allow extending it like other NetBeans plugins.


Great news! :slight_smile: Also looking forward for the “more convenient” way to publish plugins!