jMP integration

I was wondering how it was going with TerraMonkey and especially the jMP integration.

So how is it going ? I saw some post about issues about the collision detection…

I also saw that this sub-forum was not listed in the upper menubar.

Its in the works. You can actually install the plugin already via the update center, but it does nothing more than load a scene atm.

Ok. I installed the plug-in, so I can see when something becomes availeble.

Is it already possible to save a terrain ? When I create a terrain, the save button is still grayed out.

Thanks in advance.

Yep I missed that. I will add it in today or tomorrow.

I had to implement clone() for terrain so it would be happy in jmp, and fight through a bunch of issues, but it is finally working. You will have to update jme3 and JMP to be able to save Terrain.

I’m working on proper normal calculations for terrain, the old way (the jme2 way that I borrowed) was not accurate and produced weird effects. Once that is in, then I will start on the proper terrain material (supporting more than just 4 textures, and adding in a detail layer) and the painting tools for it.

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It looks like your update isn’t in the nightly build yet. The save button is still grayed out when I add a terrain.

Still big thanks for adding this feature so quickly.

The planned features look great too.

Is it already possible to generate a collisoin shape from the terrain in jMP ?

In the physics editor is being implemented a function of generation of collision shapes.

Hmm, I wonder when the nightly build runs… I committed it last night, maybe it runs early in the evening and I just missed it.

Yes there is physics collision for the terrain, take a look at TerrainTestCollision. That uses it.


@glaucomardano: Does it also support a collision shape specific for the terrain (heightfield) ?

@Sproleg: No problem. I will try it again this weekend.

@Vortex: I’ve created a scene explorer node for each kind of collision shape, but the physics editor still doesn’t generate collision shapes, only edit them in the scene explorer by pop-up actions. Pop-up actions isn’t the best way of generation of collision shapes, then i’ll create a wizard window for generation of collision shapes, but first i’ll finish the implementation of functions for physics vehicle nodes and physics character nodes.

@Sproleg: Saving the terrain works now. Thanks again.

@glaucomardano: The creation of the physics node for the terrain didn’t went well. The physics editor generates a compound collision shape with boxcollisionshapes. It looks like the boxcollisionshapes don’t align with the terrain. I don’t know if there’s already a specific collisionshape for the terrain.

I have found the pop-up actions in the physics editor. The save function doesn’t work in the physics editor.

The generation of physics for the terrain works now too. I have done this in the scene explorer with the create/update mesh function. I don’t know how it works under the hood, but it works. I can drive now with my vehicle on the terrain.

Thanks for all the hard work.

This is because I changed the CollisionsShapeFactory.createMeshShape() method to recognize Terrain and use the heightfield collision shape type in that case.

Normen is The Man! :slight_smile:

Sure he is. :slight_smile:

Did I already mentioned that i’m pretty sure that he can read minds?

Vortex said:
@glaucomardano: ...The save function doesn't work in the physics editor.

Yes, i'll implement the save function for the "physics editor" later. I'm doing several changes on it :D. Today i implemented the save function for the "mesh tools" ( do the current scene needs save when a mesh is added ) , then the "mesh tools" already is ready to use ;).