jMP JmeTests FileNotFoundException

I'm starting to give jMP a try, and have finally been able to get it to build successfully. Following the wiki, I decided to try out the JmeTests feature. However, I am experiencing a FileNotFoundException and am unable to create a new JmeTests project. The error appears in the 'New Project' popup saying:<name>/Documents/NetBeansProjects/jme3-gde/build/cluster/modules/com-jme3-gde-templates-test.jar!:com/jme3/gde/templates/tests/

Has anyone else ever encountered this problem and/or knows how to fix this? I've tried doing the entire installation on a different computer and I am encountering this exact same problem every time (even tried uninstalling everything and retrying).

Execute the "zip-templates" target in build.xml once to build the template zips. If you just wanna test jMP, why dont you download the SDK and update the included jMP it to the latest update center version?



Thanks Normen for the quick response! You're suggestion worked.

I could just download the SDK, but I prefer to build projects from source (and I wanted to get the instructions as found on to work for me).

I prefer building from source as I often find myself digging through source to figure out how things work.