JMP now deleting mobile/libs directory

I just updated the platform today (I have nightly and stable both checked in the plugins screen) and now the mobile/libs directory is getting deleted and recreated every time I do a clean and build.

The problem is that I have some additional libraries for Android (native bullet specifically) that are now getting deleted on clean and build.

Also, I no longer have the Android Files node in the project tree view.

Were there some changes in this area?

Yeah, and theres more coming in some hours ^^ Having both update centers enabled is not recommended, enable just one of them. Also for the nightly you should set up a separate application as its prone to break. Read the manual on how to do this.

About the problem of deleting the libs folder… Its supposed to happen, yeah. Native bullet will automatically be added as soon as we have a proper way to build the android native (repeatedly each time theres changes). You can override the android build targets that are in nbproject/mobile-impl.xml in the build.xml of the main project for now though.

OK. Thanks. I just got done modifying the mobile-impl file to remove the delete and mkdir for the libs directory. I guess I’ll have to keep that change until native bullet becomes standard / included. My impression was that this would not be for some time yet.

I’ll also uncheck the nightly going forward.

Thanks for the fast response.

Do not modify the mobile-impl.xml, it will be recreated. Just have the same targets in the main build.xml, they will override the targets in the impl file and be kept.

@iwgeric said:
My impression was that this would not be for some time yet.

I just need someone to set up the ant build process for building the android natives with a description on what to do for building bullet for android before, best for linux. Then the binary can be built on our build server. I do not have the time to do the research into this at the moment.