Jmp profiler

hello, i would like to use profiler to test which parts of my application are slow.

  1. jmp doesn’t have a profiler button.
  2. net beans ide with its profiler doesn’t measure my game at all, it only measures net beans ide.

    How did you manage to use profiler?

Install ithe profiler via the plugins installer

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There’s also VisualVM which is really nice… You just open it and have it attach to your java process in question.

i tested the profiler, it only profiles simpleInit();

simpleUpdate(); which is the most crucial part of the application isn’t measured at all.

Thats nonsense

Yeah, I was just profiling all kinds of stuff yesterday in JMP. Sounds like your profile setting are messed up.

it worked now,

live results were lying ( didn’t factor simpleUpdate()) and when i closed the application the correct stats come.