jMP SceneExplorer menu can now be extended


I decided to start to move some of the functions of SceneComposer into menus in the SceneExplorer so they are available across all plugins. This includes adding of Spatials and Lights as well as some tools like tangent generation and physics collision shape generation:

The nice thing is that these menus can now be extended just as easily as the node types in the SceneExplorer, with a little class compiled in a plugin you can add your own Spatial or Control types or execute your own commands and tools. This allows you to create small plugins that just do some simple action or create some special item in the SceneGraph. To see how it works, have a look at the wiki.



Edit: Btw, I dont know if I already mentioned it but you can now edit UserData of Spatials in jMP too, see the “Add User Data” item in the menu, UserData will show up in the properties of a selected spatial and can be edited there.

It’s very usable! Thanks cool developer!!!

“Add UserData” is an awesome feature indeed :smiley: Thanks a lot !