jMP vs NetBeans

Dumb question: if I already have NetBeans IDE installed on my machine, I assume:

(1) That I’ll need to install jMP the normal (preferred) way anyways, treating it like any other application software, because:

(2) jMP is a standalone program, and I can’t simply download/install/configure a jMP “wrapper” over an existing NetBeans installation

In other words, if program B extends A, and I already have A installed on my machine, then there’s no way for me to install just the part of B that extends A and attach it to A: I need to install B as a separate beast, or delete A in lieu of B.

This is actually a question! Just need clarification that I understand jMP’s relation to NB correctly.


Yes, NetBeans IDE bases on a swing application framework called the “NetBeans Platform”, jMonkeyPlatform uses the same application framework and some of the NetBeans IDE plugins to create what it is: a game development environment for jMonkeyEngine3. Since its the same base platform, plugins are compatible so you can install any plugin thats available for NetBeans in jMP too, making it very similar to a standard NetBeans IDE install. However, you would not want to install the jMP plugins to a normal NetBeans install as they “take over” the application and the base IDE plugins to do “monkey business” :wink: but you effectively could do so.

BTW - jMP extends the NetBeans IDE… which version?

You can look at the single plugins versions in the plugin manager… and I just explained it does not extend NetBeans IDE ^^