jMP won't even start

I was hoping that with all the posts related to the plugins screwup in netbeans or jMP that I’d be able to fix my issue by reading them, but no joy. My jMP crashed halfway through updating the plugins so I must have some weird half-caste version of the software, and now when I load jMP I can’t see any windows or menus, so I can’t resume the update to get back up and running. I’ve tried re-installing twice (to fall back to Alpha-4), and running the uninstall script, and then reinstalling, and I can’t get anywhere.

Running Mac Os X.7 Lion, any ideas how do a (really!) clean reinstall and get going again?!

Try removing the following folder:

/Users/username/Library/Application Support/jmonkeyplatform

Then do the re-install thing again.

Check the “delete settings” checkbox in the uninstaller.

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praise the lord. thanks