Hello, i started a thread the other day about installing the SDK and one of your kind members helped me out - thanks! but now my graphics card isnt good enough for the scene viewer apparently :frowning: the first few times i opened it up the world thing came up but then the program crashed, one time i got past it and got to sceneviewer and it worked fine, but now every time i open it up i got an error message. So i’d like to either install an earlier version of jmonkey if possible but i cant find the download links anywhere, or seperate the sceneviewer from the world thing… Cheers

JME2 is not developed anymore and differs a lot from JME3 in nearly every aspect. Also, for JME2 there was no JMP afaik. Do you have an OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card? Then it should be fine. Maybe you are using an older version of the JMP (was quite buggy in its first months after inception).

If it is indeed your video card that is not up to the task, and not something else, then consider getting a new one if you’re not on a laptop. A pretty good new video card can be bought for around 100$. If you’re willing to go a couple of generations past you could drop that price to around 60$.

First though I would make sure it’s not something else.

What do you get when jME crashes? Stack trace please or error message.

Also , give us your system specs. That’ll help us to diagnose the possible problem areas if any.

Hey, my graphics card is nvidia enforce 630/71000, pretty darn old, they don’t have any new drivers for Linux on this card on the site, but in system setings there’s an nvidia settings with opengl settings, when I set it to high performance I could run it a few more times. I have 4gb ram and I think a core 2 duo, I’ll check when I get home, I’m on my phone.

Also when I crashed I didn’t wait around for too long, just killed it. It wasn’t responding to clicking anywhere… which is something new to me on linux

Yeah. Pretty old card.

The whole jME2 is pretty much deprecated and not maintained anymore. You should consider upgrading that card.

If you intend to make a game to sell or distribute, using jME2 would be limiting yourself and your game. But on the other hand, if you only want to dabble with stuff, the old engine could do, but considering that it’s very different from jME3, that exercise would almost be a waste of time if at one time you’d want to jump in jME3.

I guess it’s up to you.

A friend and I were planning on making a game to distribute, either I’ll just have make all the models in blender and write the code and my friend uses the scene editor, or I’ll upgrade my card, thanks anyway :confused:

That’s the problem in game making and if you’re not an avid gamer.

Avid gamers, like me, tend to keep their stuff updated (I have a GTX 480 with a ton of RAM and an Intel 2600K Quad). So development isn’t a problem, but one can’t expect to hatch a good game (visually and otherwise) when your hardware is seriously limiting what you can output. It’s sad, but there’s no other way.

The good part is you don’t have to have the greatest and the most expensive. Although, if you want to go with latest openGL extensions (tessellation, geometry shaders, etc), you might need a little more recent than a couple of generations back. It’s all a matter of what you guys want in your game.

Back on windows I could run all the source games in low graphics and pretty much everything from the command and conquer series pretty well… I’ll just upgrade my card

You can develop games for OpenGL 1.0 but the development machine should support OpenGL 2.0.

Im looking for the cheapest thing possible which will be good enough to run the jmp, may by a little room for future programs which will need something more, I don’t know much about gpus, would something like this do?

A bit old, but not that bad.

I would suggest you try to get, if you can afford it, a GT/GTX 260. Here’s one. But I don’t know the store, if it’s reliable or whatnot. The price is pretty damn low though.

Thanks, but while its cheap for that card its still pretty expensive for a game we probably won’t even finish! Would the one I postec earlier be enough to run the jmp?

It’s not a bad card. It supports up to DX10 and OpenGL 2.1. Considering it has 1 GB of RAM, although it’s DDR2, and the price, I’d say go for it. But make sure you have a PCI express slot. If you don’t you’ll have to change the motherboard, or try to find a card that only support PCI.

Full specs of that card is found here. Click the Specs tab.

OK cheers