Job postings

This is the second time this job offer is posted, in a different forum this time. It also doesn't look like a direct offer from a company but acquisition. I stll don't really mind doing a post in General once, but this is getting close to spamming…

I think we should take an official position on this one though, since job offers could of course be very intresting to the members of the forum. Any ideas on how to handle this one?

I moved it to Offtopic before reading this post, sorry. What about creating a "job offer / job-seeking" board?

I am afraid it would get spammed with posts like 'looking for additional ppl to join my project… cannot pay you anything though'…

We would need pretty strict rules for such a board.

Edit: Well… unless such posts would be welcome on this board. However this would further duplicate boards like Showcase, User code and Projects… the borders between are already kind of hazy and adding this recruitment board would make it even more unclear.

I don't think that it would be a big problem to have such posts. We could probably tell people to mark their posts as [paid] or [voluntary]… but we have the "Projects" board after all where people can indicate open position already.

edit: ok, so the new board would be for paid stuff only

Edited my previous post which touches on your reply.

hehe, seen that - modified mine as well… don't do that :-p

So is Another Board the answer? I would say right now there's a little content… but maybe this is one of those "if you build it they will come" things