JOGL & Applet


I want to create Applet with JME2. I've no problem with the JMESimpleApplet witch use LWJGLAWTCanvasConstructor to create the display. But when I use the JOGLAWTCanvasConstructor like JMEAppletTest I've this :

1 nov. 2008 12:23:59 com.jme.input.joystick.DummyJoystickInput <init>
INFO: Joystick support is disabled
Fatal error occured (8): Unable to create JOGL AWT Canvas

Does someone have an idea ?

Please can you provide me a very small testcase to allow me to reproduce your bug? I've recently repaired something in JOGLContextCapabilities, maybe you have the same kind of problem. What's your graphics card or onboard graphics chip?