JOGL to JMonkeyEngine


I'm a beginner in JME and my question will be very easy for experts, but not for me.

Before I worked with java OpenGl (JOGL) and I used DisplayList (gl.glNewList(ListeGL, GL.GL_COMPILE)). I put triangles in the Display list and displayed the list.

Question : How canc I do it whit JME ? which object or class replace the display list and how canc I use it ? is ther some examples, tutorials, … ?

Thank you…

Just use the Spatial method 'lockMeshes' and it will automatically generate and use a display list for the geometry.

Also you posted in the wrong category. The developer category is for jME development, not it's use in your programs.


thank you for your answer.

  • have you got an example of method "lockMeshes" ?
  • wath is th e good category for my post ? Maybe an admin can move my post…