I'm looking for a good multilayer dev team to join, are any open?

Or, heres another question, can jMonkey do high level multilayer games? (more people than fps?)

jME can be used to do massive multiplayer games, however the performance of the game will depend on the system used and the way it's implemented by the developer.

jME, for me, is just a client that can represent my game-world in 3D and allow for cool user interaction.  The actual multiplayer work goes on in the server I've created.  However, there is a headless mode for running jME, which can be used to implement more advanced servers that need to take advantage of jME's collision detection, physics, etc.

For the multiplayer dev team question: there are a few projects posted in the forums that you might want to check out and consider.  As someone casually making a multiplayer game, I'd like to know more about someone, and have them know about my project, before having someone join development.  People will be curious about your skills, what you'd like to focus on in development, etc.