Joint controller with milkshape

hi everybody:

i have a problem with jme, the problem is i had a animation model make by milkshape, i want use the jointcontroller to control the model, for example: run,walk,jump, is anyone konw how to do it??? :?


You can animate the MS3d model to walk and jump etc. you have to set the keyframes, and in your code you can determine which which keyframes you want to use, for example, you can set keyframes 1-100 to 1-30 to walk, 30-50 to jump etc. and in you code you could say if the space bar has been pressed to jump run keyframes 30-50 etc. there is a class called animation in the java doc, and to get the animation movements working follow this tutorial, it is easy to follow and gives you all the basics on how to create a walk cycle, hoping this is what you want,modelling-human-walk-cycle-animation.html