Joint is jiggling

sorry to nerve you again, i have another problem now:

i have a car constructed of 2 pieces, a chassis, and a container

and i would like to attach those 2 elements together with a single joint

i use this code:

     Joint carJoint = pSpace.createJoint();
      //  carJoint.setSpring(0,0);
        Node car = new Node("hcar");

the problem is, that the container is "jiggling" all the time, it is not behaving like i thought ....
i thought a joint would connect two nodes, and they have no degree of freedom, so why is my container jiggling, or moving randomly ?!

Hm… this is jmePhysics2, right? Which implementation do you use, the jbullet one? I also could not get jmePhysics2 joints to work in the jbullet implementation and ODE seemed to crash all the time, thats why I wrote jbullet-jme…

yay, it is jmephysics2

i was trying to use "setSpring(0,0)" but now i only get a black screen :frowning:

and i am just ignoring the whole lot of:

ODE Message 2: vector has NaN component (…odesrcodemath.cpp:138)

messages, but i still do not understand why they are thrown …