Joint problem

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Hello, i have a weird problem with joints.

My setup is the following: I have a chainof objects attached this way (pseudocode):

      Node wrapper;
      DynamicPhysicsNode physics;
      Trimesh shape;


So you see i have the Nodes connected between them and each Node holds a physics node with a trimesh. Then i create joints between the dynamic physics nodes.

The effect i want to achieve with this is a chain that you can manipulate directly transforming the wrapper Nodes, but at the same time you can apply forces to the joints to make it move by itself. (Each joint has two rotational axis)

Here comes my problem: everything works well except i would expect the rotations of the joints to be relative to the physics node they

I feel that the setDirection() method is taking the direction relative to the world, even when there are two dynamicphysicsnodes attached to it. Is anyone having a similar problem?

All physics calculations are represented in world space. You will have to do some conversions in your calculations.

Thanks, nymon.  :slight_smile:

I ended up rearranging my physics nodes, and controlling them trough servos. So i didn