JointController question and Some texture path issue


Firstly i've converted a obj model into jme fromat. The problem is that it looks for the textures on some fixed path and it throws an exception: /home/userek/workspace/jme/C:/work packs/fantasy 1/dwarf/animated/dwarf.jpg (No such file or directory)

I've tryied to override it:


however it still looks for the texutre at the same location.

Another thing: im playing with the JointController. The setTimes(int, int) method sets the frame range to be animated. The problem is i would like to play one range only once, then set another range. My idea was to check if the last frame of this rage is played in the update method, then change current range to the other desired.
JoinCotroller has a getCurrentTime() method which seems to be something i should look on, however it doen't return anything i know what to do with :) plus the javadocs doesn't describe it at all.
I want to implement basic character actions, like walking attacking etc. Maybe there is a better way to do this. My knowlege about the 3d graphics is little :).


Okay i figured out that im supouse to use currentTime() minTime() and maxTime() methods from JointController, however the thexture issue is still not resolved

  1. I don't think that obj-files support animation at all! only through exporting 1 obj-file per frame in your animation programm. i use obj (if at all!) only for static objects

  2. obj creates a sperate file .mtl with the relative path to your texture(s). tell jme to use this file:


    hope that helped, cause i can't ellaborate more since I'm new to jME myself…

Then i might be mistaken, the model i'm using was in few diferent formats. I've add all modle files to gui conwerter and only one was conwerted to jme succesfuly i thought it was obj, maybe it was something diferent then :P. Anyway its animated, isn't there a way to tell to look for the textures at the specific path, if im using jme model?

The following code-line worked fine for me:

  public SetDefaultTexturePath(String strRelativePath) {
        /* Setting the TexturePath according to a supplied relative
         * path. "data" == "<working path>/data/"
        File texLocPath = new File(strRelativePath);

        URL texLocURL=null;
        try {
        } catch (MalformedURLException ex) {
            //logFile.consoleInfo("MalformedURLException in SetDefaultTexturePath strRelativePath="+strRelativePath,Log.Priority.WARNING);

        logFile.consoleInfo("I just set the Default Texture-Path to "+texLocURL.toString(),Log.Priority.INFO);