Josh rocks at JavaOne!

Josh was awesome this morning as a guest in James Gosling’s keynote.  Take a look…

Indeed, jME made a huge impact this year at JavaOne. I heard lots of people talking about jME and how they can use it in their own jobs or how cool it is.  It was exciting to see random people talking about it throughout the week.

jeffpk said:

Josh was awesome this morning as a guest in James Gosling's keynote.  Take a look....

What do you mean? He didn't even win that game :P

No seriously, nice demo there, and it's great to see how jME is ever growing and getting better thanks to the effort of you developers out there. I hope I'll have a chance to meet you guys at JavaOne some day...

His demo starts at 36:30 or so… for anyone crazy enough not interested in the rest of it :slight_smile:

Or this one:

My involvement overall was small but hopefully hit its goal of publicizing our great technology!  As darkfrog said, there was a lot of great buzz about jME.  It looks like we have a very busy and productive year ahead.  Start getting your movie entries ready right now.  :smiley:

Yeah! Josh was fantastic, the talks were good as was the interview. Great job, man. I know how nerve wracking that was for you. You pulled through it in great form.

Great job.  I liked the youtube link much better than the first - at least you got to say a few words in that one!  :smiley:

Time to gear up for another influx of new developers to the forums.

yup, a huge "awesome work" award to josh for everything done before and during the conference! (never had a doubt though)

another cool thing was that our videos were shown at the "java and gaming" BOF as well (were josh talked too), so we got a lot of exposure.

also huge thanks to ncsoft for giving us alot of time to do javaone preparations… (i have some catching up to do now s :wink: )

I think equally exciting was that several people came up to Rikard and I at the show and mentioned cool things they were doing with jME that we had not heard of at all.  Some of these could turn out to be some new community contributions soon, so keep your eye out!

(And with that, as Rikard says, back to the grindstone… heh)

Yup, so it should not be forgotten that a number of the JME team graced JavaOne with their presence.  Thanks to all of you and it was great meeting those of you I hadn't yet.

The JME project really stands out as an amazing volunteer achievement.  Started as a labor of love, its now in use nto just by indies, but major game companies and even NASA!

Thats a heck of an achievement.  I expect the JavaOne exposure will lead to many new faces around here :slight_smile:

wow, that looks exciting~ i wish i could be there  :frowning:

have fun guys~

Great news everyone! And especial congrats to you Josh (oops, I meant Renanse  :P) Wish I could have been there to exchange a couple of words face to face to you guys.

Anyway, I hope we will have even more and better times in the future.  :smiley: