Joypad-navigable menus

I’d like to have it. Is there some work in progress on it or do I have to start from scratch? Any advices?


I have an unimplemented design for navigable focus in general… which joysticks would then hook into automatically.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to implement. You may have noticed that even cursor keys or tab/shift-tab don’t work for navigation. It’s a pretty huge gaping hole at the moment.

My plate is really full at the moment so I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. If your UI is simple enough then you might be able to get away with something like an app state where you register the elements in a list that the cursors and joystick can navigate.

…or if you just want users to be able to select things in a UI with the joystick maybe you could implement some kind of joystick controlled cursor.

Sorry about the missing feature.

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May I peek into it? I’d like to make stuff that can be easily PR-ed into lemur if possible…

Having not worked with Lemur I dont know if this will work, but in Swing you can set an element selected by default. If you could do this it might make navigation possible.

I’ll see where it was left off tonight. I have some code started but I don’t remember how far I got.

My notes are usually not for others eyes as the may or may not invoke the elder gods or drive one insane… or both. But if I can I will try to condense them into something readable.

(My starting design notes are generally a long and winding conversation with myself discussing the ideas and issues. I’m not really schizophrenic. And we’re not either.)


Not until you see my code :smile:

Did you found those notes? I’m going to start on my own, so I’d like to go in the right direction :slight_smile: