Joystick Axis' all start at -1.0 and POV hats not recognized

I'm integrating joystick control for a 2d-movement platform game and have run into two issues getting d-pads and analog sticks working:

  1. Joystick axis start out set at -1.0, which causes my character to run off the left of the screen upon startup, as if UP and LEFT were held down. As soon as you touch the axis, it responds normally and doesn't remain stuck at -1.0.
  • this happens on our two development machines, on Vista and XP, and with our three different gamepads (Gravis GamePad Pro, Xbox 360 windows controller, and Nyko Airflow)
  • running yields the same results - all joystick axis' poll at -1.0 until touched, and then they respond normally.
  • can other people verify this behavior and is there a workaround or some update or callibration method we need to call?

  1. POV hats are not recognized as joystick axis, and unfortunately, the 360 and Airflow controllers both map their dpads as POV hats. This one is more of a feature request, really. :slight_smile:


  • John

I need to update the webstart for Vista, but can you confirm that the jinput webstart test performs correctly?. Trying to see if this is a JInput or lwjgl/jme issue.




That webstart input app seems to be working correctly. What happens on both the 360 controller and the gravis gamepad is that all the axis' read -1.5258789E-5  until any button or axis on the controller is pressed, and then the axis all go to their neutral positions, which for the 360 controller is around -.1 - 0.06 and the gravis is around -0.0078.

I can post pics if that'd help.

Thanks for looking into this!

  • John

We kinda fix this problem by making the player go through a start menu screen on startup. They'll hit the dpad on the start screen and it'll properly reset in-game, but there's gotta be a more permanent solution.

Can anyone else verify this joystick behavior?

Not using joysitcks here, sorry. :frowning: