Joystick input


I’ve posted it into general because I do not know where to post…
My question:
I am using a xbox-controller as joystick, and I can move, walk around, jump switch weapons, but for shooting I want to use the trigger, but the 2 triggers are shown up as one value… But I really want to use the left for aiming and the right for shooting. I saw that the values range from -1 to 0 for the left and 0 to 1 for the right, but when using both the are mixed up.
I saw the :

/ Note: in the above condition, we could check the axis name but // I have at least one joystick that reports 2 "Z Axis" axes. // In this particular case, the first one is the right one so // a name based lookup will find the proper one. It's a problem // because the erroneous axis sends a constant stream of values.

is there a way to use both the triggers? I am using a raw input listener and just normal assign buttons and axis.

Before starting the JME3 intergraded Jinput i’ve used another one from internet and it all worked great, but that one only worked on windows and for xbox controllers.

If you run the test joystick app it will log the various names of the stuff that’s pressed. Seeing that output might be useful. You might have to log more info from the raw input listener joystick events, though. I honestly don’t remember what I logged and what I didn’t.

it seems that the problem lies in JInput (jme3 use it am I right?) it simple sees the left and right trigger as negative and positive move… so if moving the left and right -1 + 1 gives 0, which means you can use both at the same time… as I said i know another one which supports it very well, but its xbox only and windows only, if I cant figure a way out for this within 3 days I think im going to use that:
a test to prove it . download it and press the buttons, the z axis…

Hi, in jme3_skel I upgrade jinput version to fix some issues. Anyway with both versios of jinput, my xbox and my generic joyestick was detected (but wrong mapping by default).

exclude module: "jinput"
runtime ''

you can download jinput 2.0.6 from Package - bintray

Could be nice to integrate this to the core