Joystick support into CVS?


inspired by Darkfrog (here) I have made up a package com.jmex.joystick - you can have a look at it here (package name wrong in the zip). It uses the joystick support of lwjgl 0.98.

The problem is it requires JInput - an additional jar and a native file for each platform.  :expressionless:

Is it ok for you if I throw all this in?  :slight_smile:

Well, the problem I have right now is it's an event driven system, and not consistent with any of the other input stuff. Not that I have a problem with event driven systems I just want consistency. So, if his way of doing it is better, we should look at doing keyboard and mouse the same way.

With the joystick stuff you can do both, using events and/or query the status.

And, yes, I think we should do it alike with keyboard and mouse. But it would require some work on that… not sure when I could get on that… maybe end of this week… if you would like me to…

Like I said, if we can make them consistent, I don't have a problem with putting it in.

As far as having to include JInput… ugh. I'd rather not if there is anyway out of it. But, if that's the way it has to be…