Joystick trigger threshold?

Hey Guys, I have a little Problem.
I tried to set up the Logitech G27 using some analogListener.

The Problem is, that i don’t have (value/tpf) values under 6.25%, so you need to push the Pedal quite deep until the events get fired.

Am I able to set a “trigger thresholdthreshold”?
It’s no Hardware failure, as the flycam does react to even the slightest push.

Something I don’t understand… the fly cam is using the same joystick support… so why is the result different? So either you are talking about something different or you are talking about different controls or something.

If you’re using ActionListener, then you would be effected by the 5% deadzone. Meaning the event won’t trigger until the axis is higher than 5%.

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Yeah, that could be the issue. Can I disable that?
Or do I need to use something like rawEventListener?

Edit says:


Now i just occur another problem: The wheel is capable of doing 720° however I can’t use 180° at all.
I can only turn it by 90° and already have the 100%.
Is there another (Joystick) Property I can set for that (like maxValue) or is it not supported by jInput/jXInput?