JPhysX and JME-Physics

I'm wondering if someone already started wrapping Uree's JPhysX for JME-Physics.

From what I've read, this would be one of the best ways to use physics in a jme game.

A coordinated effort to make this would be nice, and I have some time to do it.

Irrisor, you did a great abstraction layer, very intuitive e easy to use. Could you coordinate this work?

It's still not clear what the license of the JNI stuff for PhysX from Uree will be. We should wait for that first. Getting things started should be quite straight forward for someone familiar with PhysX, I think. But as I did never use it myself and currently do not have the time to dig into it, I'd want to leave that to somebody else.

Ok, let's wait for the license then. I'm not familiar with PhysX too, but worth learning.

Uree? What do you say?

I want to join the "team" as soon as we get the OK from the license stuff…

Cool 8)

And lets hope Uree will support the binding for some time or at least host it somewhere 'open' . . .

// forward from "The best wrapper…" branch

Ageia confirmed, that I can distribute JPhysX with whatever license I want, untill I do not redristributing their SDK. So, to use this adapter you need to agree with Ageia's license about SDK, or just about Engine (in the latter case registration is not required).

So, in short time I will establish open source on source forge or java net (any preferences?) or other.

P.S. Linux SDK already available, so jphysx will be available for this platform soon too.

Personally I'm not a fan of either, but both have their benefits.  I've been pretty impressed with Google Code actually, and they provide SVN and serious visibility.

That's really good news.

I tried to do something with the JphysX.jar but there is no source code for the example (demo1) so I didn't looked deep into it.

I'll wait for your release. Thanks Uree.

src for demo1 are available on

Uree said:

src for demo1 are available on

Uree any chance of you posting the entire source ? the generated Java and C++ swig source and the swig config files itself ?
I'm really interested in how it's done.

Sources (java and cxx) are available on !

I think he meant the .i file to generate the cxx…

.i file.

This file breaks BSD license of the other sources, because generated files will not be applied by any license.

I will post later big open source project, that will utilize i-files. It will be concerned many areas, not only physic engine. Licensing and availability of generation sources, and generated sources, are considering now.

I meant the Demo1 source files indeed. Thanks for posting it.

Now I undestand a little bit of the API.

Irrisor, could you prepare the base code/folders , or give me some instructions on how to create a new JME-Physics implementation in the right way.

PhysX uses a Description class to define the shape (or Actor in this case). Should we use this approach in jme-phx too?

Any recent changes in this topic?