JPhysX *.i opening

Sorry for discussing jphysx problems in this forum, but I don't know any other habitated by the jphysx users.

I decided to open *.i files, because I can't support jphysx because of absence of time.

I want to do this in few steps:

  1. choose license for .i files
  2. ask someone to help with creating of ECLIPSE and CDT workspaces from my sources (I'm now on IntellijIDEA, and want to move from it)
  3. check in sourceforge SVN full project
  4. register contributors

    Eclipse and CDT chosen because it is free and multiplatform. It will be easy to compile linux (or even mac?) version of jphysx.

    Have you any ideas about #1 or #2 or about whole plan?

Hi Uree!

Great initiative!

  1. Why not use the same license as jMonkeyEngine? It would perhaps be the least complicated for people who are (like me) using JPhysX together with jME.


License question is arised because nothing is forcing people to supply any copyright and/or license notices with the files generated with use of .i files. I think that contributors to .i files deserved the right to be mentioned in some way with the result cpp, dll or something.

I thought the problem with the .i files was that they contain code from the PhysX headers and thus cannot be open-sourced. Do you have details on that? Did you contact Ageia about it? Or do you just #include the header and do not copy from it?

Yes, I am just using #include

Ah. In this case I'd second the first suggestion from Rik:

  1. BSD-style would be nice

    If I were a contributor, a credits section in a readme.txt/license.txt would be enough for me…


  2. I'm using IDEA as well :slight_smile:
  3. great

I'm trying to understand what the issues are with the licensing.

The files generated contains code copied in from various swig files right? Like director.swg and typemaps.i. Wouldn't that code be covered by the licenses from the original files?

Isn't all the editing done in the *.i-files? In that case there would not be any need to release the generated file (all_wrap.cxx). The contributing developers would just have to generate it from the i.files using SWIG.

2. I'm using Netbeans. Is it necessary to create a project for a certain IDE? F.ex. jME can be checked out into any IDE can't it?