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The Jpony Game Kit is a library that aids in the rapid development of video games. The library provides easy to use functions for common game task. The primary focus of Jpony is third and first person games but it can integrated into any style of game.

If you have any feature request let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Updated ** 22-FEB-2017 Small update. I changed the way you initialize the UserInterface class by removing some redundant parameters. Everything else is still the same it just has less parameters now. Released the alpha version of the Pony UI editor. Move the project over to source forge.

Jpony in action. A small demo project.

Features *

Humanoid control

  • Fixes the bug in the character control where you are unable to jump on a sloped surface.

  • Added a slope height field which limits the angle of slopes you can climb. No more running up 89 degree hills.

  • Has four events and listeners for jump / land / active / idle. A fall event is soon to come.

  • Fixes the sliding issue. When you stop applying force the humanoid comes to a quick stop and will not slide down hills. You can adjust both of these settings to allow sliding.

Mouse Picker aka Entity Picker

  • A very simple intuitive mouse picker class.

  • Contains events and listeners for when the cursor enter and exits a spatial which is useful for effects such as highlighting. Also listeners for when the mouse is down , pressed , released over the spatial.

Physics Entity Listener

  • Contains listeners and events for physics body states active , idle in motion.

  • Grab function - allows the player to grab an object and move it along with the humanoid / player.

  • Mouse move function - Allows you to move around the object via the mouse. You can combine this with the drag function to simulate holding / walking with an object like in games such as Elder Scrolls 5.


  • A first person camera that attaches to the humanoid control.

  • A third person camera (chase camera) with collision.

Animation manager

  • Automatically parses AnimControls from your objects. Provides a easy access play functions for those controls.

  • Adds an animation time event that you can use to spawn an event at a specified time in the animation. This is useful for syncing things such as sound / actions to an animation.

Input handler

  • A simple class that is written on top of the JME input manager. This class automatically adds key press / down / released / up events to your registered keys.

  • You can access your action keys directly from the update loop like in Unity.

Filter Manager

  • A simple filter manager that handles global effects such as shadows and the cartoon edge filter.

  • Add shadows to every light in your scene or individual lights with one line of code.

(WIP) A simple UI kit with a visual editor soon to come.

  • A basic UI kit for simple 2d interfaces. This isn’t meant to be a replacement for Lemurs or Nifty. It only does the most basic of interfaces.

  • Provides button / image / editable text box / label controls.

  • Has a pre-built dialogue control.


Uploaded the correct jpony test package and modules. I accidentally uploaded the one with the old humanoid control. The new control works entirely from he physics space and remove any outside dependencies on spatials for ground collision detection. Enjoy


At a stable version 0.9A getting closer to the magical 1.0A release. The only two classes I need to finish are the third person camera and physics entity. I’ve started third person camera and a test version is available. I also started working on the Cursed Temple game demo which will be a complete short game that comes with the test projects.


1.0a is available. The only thing left to do is additional bug testing , touching up the javadoc and finishing the sample game Cursed Temple. The test projects are now finished and working. I’m not expecting any more changes to the implementation of the base code. I now consider this ready for in game use.


This is cool. Downloaded already. However didn’t try it yet. Just wondering why don’t you put on github or probably bitbucket? And what about third person camera you discuss on other post?

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Is it open source? if yes, can you provide a link to your repository?

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The source in included in the file along with the javadoc and the main jar file. I originally had the source in the test projects but it seemed redundant to have it in two separate downloads.

Keep in mind I haven’t finished adding all of the filters. I have several filters from the community I want to add in but don’t have time currently. When I get my next break from work I’m going to finish it up along with the sample game.

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I just want to integrate your interesting things to my editor :slight_smile:

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I used the chase cam and just added collision detection. I’m still working on a simpler third person camera but for now chase camera will do. I added the chase camera to the example.

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Okay I am going to learn to make the monkey ride the pony. Hopefully it really make a faster development.


Released version 1.0c this is the first stable release. Everything from here on out will be bug fixes until I release version 2 which will be in the far future. If you have any feature request please let me know.


Suggestion - you need a feature list somewhere which shows how and why this “aids in rapid development”.


Aye I’ll put one up. Check out the test projects it shows most of what it does.

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Almost done with the 2d editor. It required a lot of reworking the UI package. Once this is done I would consider the UI package to no longer be alpha. I’ve thoroughly test it and everything looks good so far.


Moved the project over to source forge and released the Pony (2D)UI Editor. I added a sample project for loading a User Interface. My final three goals are making documentation for UI editor , polishing the sample projects and finishing the demo. Hopefully , this should all be done within the next two weeks. An official release none testing version is on the way !

Source Forge Project

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What’s wrong with github? Sorry but sorceforge used to be awesome but now is an “ad mess”. Not to mention the gimp controversy

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Though, SF has changed hands since that time… and no longer does that.

A small project that I work with is currently moving dev workflow from SF to github. The PR interface, etc, is much better.

Things that SF has that github doesn’t:

  • Built in forum, if you’re not up to running a separate forum software installation. (Not great, but works)
  • free-form project webspace. We use it a a fileserver for our built-in plugin manager.
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Wondering how this is different than the stuff where I upload my javadocs and stuff. The github UI will generate the index page for but at that point you can just clone the repo and put all kinds of stuff there. Their TOS probably frowns upon sticking large binaries up there but I think SF’s did, too.

I still have some older projects on SF. Despite my strong dislike for GIT, I still create all of my new projects on github.

Edit: adding a link to Lemur’s page as an example of the generated index.html: Lemur by jMonkeyEngine-Contributions
But you can see I’ve also uploaded my javadoc there:
lemur 1.14.0 API

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I tried using the example and the Editor. I can not use either. I will send a log file, on the publisher. The example did not run.

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I made the move away from github some time ago.

Github has fallen to the cancer of social justice activism. Unless they have a huge turn around in policy it’s only a matter of time before they become a failed bankrupt entity with zero relevance to the computer world.