JPony GUI testing

I’ve been working on this in my spare time for a while now. The JPony GUI is part of the JPony plug-in. It’s currently about 92% complete. Here is a little test video. It won’t be much longer before I have a working alpha version of the plug-in.


Looks nice!

Is it completely independent or did you use other libraries?

And how did you make that dialogue? Did you have one big text that you spread out or separate little texts?

It only relies on the JME library. To put it simple LWJGL > JME > JPONY.

The text is one file. The dialogue control automatically parses the line breaks and pages. The only thing I need to do is add in a page counter such as “page 1/32” so you know where you are in the dialogue. I’m hoping to have the package done by the end of august.

Why JPony again?

Because I liked the April fools joke and couldn’t think of another name.

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Another thing.

I’m interested in using jPony, or only the gui, myself.
How can I get it? In the Netbeans plugin window? Or is it open-source and can I get it from
Or do I have to wait for an alpha/beta/gamma release?

You have to wait it’s still in testing and probably won’t be done until around late august. It is also important to note that the GUI depends on the plugin so you can’t use them separately. The GUI is too deeply integrated into JPony for me to make it a stand alone project.