JRE, JDK, Eclipse - Nothing works

Hi guys.  Today I tried setting up Eclipse and it worked just fine.  But then I was instructed by a tutorial to install the JDK.  So I went to sun.com and grabbed the bundle with Netbeans.  During the installation my computer rebooted without warning and Netbeans was nowhere to be found, so I think there was something screwed up with the installer.  (I installed the bundle because I wanted to try out both IDEs)

I decided to do a fresh reinstall of the JRE and JDK.  I uninstalled all Java packages I had installed, rebooted, and reinstalled the newest versions of each.  This time I just grabbed the JDK only, not the bundle.  Here you can see they are installed:

However now when I try to start up Eclipse I get this error message:

And Java isn’t working in Firefox anymore either.  When I go to http://www.java.com/en/download/help/testvm.xml  it says the Java Runtime Environment is not working on my system.  I have it enabled in my Firefox settings, and I enabled it in the Java settings in my control panel.

I’m running Vista x64 as Administrator.  Any ideas why this is giving me so many problems?


I installed Netbeans from the official Netbeans site and it is working fine… I ran a sample program.  So somewhere along the lines Java isn’t registering itself with Windows or something.

  1. If I'm correct 32-bit opengl and/or openal won't work with 64-bit Java. You need 32-bit Java to run JME or 64-bit  opengl and openal which I think has been released lately and integrated with JME also.

    1.You need to register Java manually. Right-click My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Environment variables->Create an user variable called PATH (if it exists already, edit it and put ; at the end of last value)->add the value that points to your jdk installation bin directory, I have G:Program FilesJavajdk1.6.0_12bin in the variable value textbox.

Oh, thanks a lot.

About the 64bit thing… as far as I know, it works fine.  I was able to run all the demos on the site.

EDIT:  Nevermind, you're right… I tested the demos before installing the 64bit version of Java.  Is this being worked on right now?

It's easier for you to install 32-bit Java. I don't know how to make JME work with 64-bit Java. Somebody more experienced can tell u how or you can search the forum for 64-bit.

I believe the version of jME in SVN uses LWJGL2.1 which supports Windows 64. You must install a 64 bit JVM though.