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Since I've kept the jME community up on my completely unrelated project I figured I'd post a little note letting anyone know that's interested jSeamless Beta 3 is released and I got a news item published at theserverside.com.  If you get a chance to take a look at it I always appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:

hmm, jseamless.com seems to be down or under too heavy load :expressionless:

What is that Tal Dega dude talking about…

Thought I'd rant here to not provoke him, but damn I hate people who talk shit on forums making no valid points.

I can't believe the mentality of some people, I don't know about you but I'd expect programming professionals to be reading web sites like the server side.

Is it so hard to provide constructive criticism, if you think something is a stupid idea then explain why.  Don't just babble on in crap English  :x

Ok, I'm calm now and once again I shall point out my love of the jME forum.  As it's the only forum I've ever read with none (or very very little) childish behaviour (obviously not including posts by darkfrog in that count).

hehe, yeah, I tried to respond tactfully as I didn't want to inspire more stupidity from him. :wink:

Irrisor, the site should be working again…my Tomcat server has been under such a heavy load sometime early this morning it seems to have crashed on me.

Wow, just tried that chat component - someone replied to me :slight_smile: - seems to work… somehwhat ;)… the keyboard acts quite funky: without 'shift' the keys type what they should, but with 'shift' they do not match my keyboard layout. And there are lots of 'Server> Connection not properly dropped: 1151264' messages.

Another strange thing: after I had the site loading in the background it states

3: Unable find component: 1210531 to set property title:Chat - 110 Connected (Chat - 110 Connected, String) (5)
2: Unable find component: 1210531 to set property title:Chat - 110 Connected (Chat - 110 Connected, String) (5)
1: Unable find component: 1210531 to set property title:Chat - 110 Connected (Chat - 110 Connected, String) (5)
0: Unable find component: 1210531 to set property title:Chat - 110 Connected (Chat - 110 Connected, String) (5)

uh, and lateron:

5: Current connection unable to correctly send, should change! (5)
4: Connection lost, need to reestablish the connection! (5)

nice, most people on TSS seem to like your idea :wink:

yeah, and it gets many replies :-o

btw. what did the guy meant with the 'same' design in Echo2? It looks quite different, no?

Irrisor, what browser, OS, and locale are you running?

As far as the connection being lost I think I restarted the server while you were still connected. :)  I've been doing patches to try to get rid of a memory leak (or should I say multiple memory leaks) that TSS is exploiting to the detriment of my server.  :cry:

Echo2 is a Java framework similar to jSeamless in that you can create your UI in Java and then run it as a web app.  However, it is specifically designed for web only.  jSeamless is all about abstraction so you can create a Swing, HTML, Flash, OpenGL, etc. application using the same UI you've written.  My long-term intention is to have an OpenGL implementation that makes UI implementation easy in jME for game UIs…but that's a ways off. :wink:

the above was produced with firefox2.0.0.2, xp pro 32, de (german, as you might have guessed)

opera9.01: does not work - prints only this in the log window

1: Error: Error #2002 (Error)

null (5)

0: Error: Error #1009 (TypeError)

null (5)

ie7: locks up after "Connected Successfully" :expressionless:

i get those messages irrisor gets in operr but with firefox (win xp, germay kb layout)

Argh…maybe I should have waiting to get the ENTIRE community to look at this until after Beta 4. :o

btw: they almost hijacked your thread at tss :stuck_out_tongue:

I expect it to happen virtually anywhere I go…something about the conversational tone to anything I write seems to draw all the thread diversions in the world. :slight_smile:

I've checked it out! It looks pretty cool, I only have 3 questions:

  • If your entire site is build with jseamless, will search engines still be able to find your site? As far as I know google for instance, likes text… -alot-

  • How does the transition from java to flash file take place? Is it a java program running inside a flashplayer? I've looked arround on the net and noticed OpenLaszlo also works with a flashplayer, do jseamless en openlaszlo work more or less the same?

  • The site itself is a bit laggy when there's alot of movement on my screen (e.a. expanding a frame) why does this happen and what can be done about it? I assume it might be the flashplayer not being capable to support all the "graphic violence".

    Great work though… it looks very promissing! :slight_smile:

your questions were already answered here by darkfrog (read the comments):


and of course here: