JSR231 and jME

I was just reading the JSR231(the Java bindings for the OpenGL API) and viewing the public review and I was

wondering if there are plans on writing a jME implementation based on it instead of LWJGL.

Has anyone(mostly from the jME developer team) been doing any research on it? Pros and cons, etc.


I'm assuming that it's geared towards JOGL?


So it is just another OpenGL wrapper and that's it? Is there going to be any better integration with the VM(AWT thread, etc.) or it

will just redirect calls to JNI?

Sun has so consistently got the graphics wrong for years. AWT - swing 1.0 java 3d

It's called the "JOGL API" in the javadoc.

So, I dunno darkfrog… I guess it's short for "Java's Only Good LightWeightJavaGameLibrary API"?

You'd think Sun would spend less time re-inventing the wheel, particularly when the one they re-invent is more square than round. :o


Only thing I see to notice is that jogl is more java than native code or so i read somewhere

I tired googleing them, It would seem like they are considering using/have used (some of the information seems old so I do not kinow what stage they are up to) a modified version of JOGL for JSR231.

There is an JOGL implementation that is almost complete.